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I attended one of Tony’s “Living Stress Free” workshops Tony conducted for our bank employees while he was in the United Kingdom last year.  At the time I was being put under an enormous amount of pressure at work and while I didn’t feel “stressed” I was starting to let everything get on top of me! I think most people try and avoid admitting that they are “stressed” as it seems to be seen as a negative.  Tony explained that stress is normal and goes back to our prehistoric ancestors. He went into great depth about the physical and chemical reactions that the mind, body, and spirit go through when we are stressed. To be able to understand what is happening to you at a stressful time in your life really helps you focus on what you need to do to alleviate the stress and get your body back to a balance.

I recently went on Holiday to Egypt and had a very stressful time.  I was struggling to leave work behind which resulted in me having panic attacks pretty much every day I was there!! Not pleasant at all!!!  When I got home I went to see the Doctor.  I was very worried that at 22 I was having such severe attacks; some that lasted the whole day! He did his routine of prescribing me drugs and said come back in three weeks. In the mean time I contacted Tony and worked with him on my individual problem.  He reminded me of the the Breath of Life and some simple techniques which, given the nature of my work I had let slip my memory. After our little refresher I got rid of the pills from the doctor and stuck to Tony’s “medicine.”

Thanks to Tony I’m living stress free and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Manaley:

Personal Account Manager

Barclays Bank PLC


“Tony is one of the speakers that we like to promote. He has an incredible message that is quite valuable to people in hectic, fast-paced, and demanding careers. We were sorry to see him move to California, but will still continue to promote him in North Carolina to continue putting seminars and workshops on “Living Stress Free”.”

− Mary Mora

MGM Speakers Bureau


I have known Tony since 1992 when he served as my Sport Psychology coach as I pursued a career on the LPGA.  While injuries and lack of funding kept me from pursuing my dream, I am ever so grateful for the work that Tony did for me.  In 1999 Tony and I had an opportunity to teach at the same golf school in Winston-Salem North Carolina.  I was very impressed with his knowledge of the swing and other game skills, his ability to teach, and his professionalism.  It is with great honor that I now can share his gifts with my students through his new book, “Kingdom of the Tiger”.  I know he will do well were ever he is.

Anne Marie Goslak

Director of Instruction

Cedar Pointe Golf Center

Winston-Salem, NC


January, 1 2006

I’ve Known Tony Piparo for over fifteen years and can state unequivocally that he is an extremely effective golf instructor and Sport Psychologist.  He and I will be working together on the website and he will be the golf psychology editor for my magazine, “The Putting Zone Magazine”.  The website receives over 75,000 visits monthly and the magazine will reach over 50,000 golf insiders and players every issue.  Tony’s innovations in putter design and golf psychology and instruction will play a major role in improving the game of golf over the next decades.

Geoff Mangum


I have been teaching for more years than I like to admit.  I spent considerable time in Southern California and with great pride am introducing Tony to many of the pros that I knew when I lived there about 10 years ago.  I met Tony in 1997 and was very impressed with his knowledge of the game, especially for someone who did not come out of traditional training.  Tony is very professional and I love his new book, “Kingdom of the Tiger:  A Golfer’s Guide to Playing in The Zone”.  I am recommending it to all my students who are interested in performing at high levels and can’t get there just by mechanical instruction.  Tony, good luck in Southern California.  I know you will do well.

Andree’ Martin

LPGA Class A Member

Jamestown, NC


I have known Tony for just a little over a year when I met him at the 2005 PGA Trade Show in Orlando, Florida, where he was marketing a completely new way to putt, Down The Line.  I was very impressed with the putter, the radical style of putting, and Tony’s ability to teach this new method simply and quickly.  I still putt this way since it doesn’t make sense not to.  Tony and his partners are unfortunately way ahead of their time.  One day this will be the preferred method of putting.  When Tony came out with his book, Kingdom of the Tiger”, I eagerly awaited its arrival.  I couldn’t put it down.  It is that good.  When Tony is ready, I will help him get the book translated and find him Asian markets to sell the book.

Leslie Quahe


Golf Merchants Federation Asia


February 5, 2006

Tony and I co-founded 1-Putt Golf Schools in 1998.  We continue to run schools here and with Tony in Southern California are pursuing developing schools in Southern California, The Inland Empire, and in Scottsdale AZ.  In addition, Tony’s new book is selling very well out of our schools here.  We look forward to a continuing relationship with Tony for many years.  He is an excellent Sport Psychologist and a very competent putting coach.

Stephen Kaluzne


I am always looking for ways to better prepare my players to handle tournament pressure and adversity as it arises on the golf course.  After reading Dr. Tony Piparo’s book, “Kingdom of the Tiger” I knew I had to get Tony to come and speak to the juniors I work with.

Tony engaged the juniors y asking questions which perfectly led into his presentation about dealing with stressful situations on the golf course and a method of releasing the stress he calls “The Attitude Adjustment Routine”.  The juniors practiced the routine several times and suggested a multitude of situations it would be helpful, not only on the golf course, but in school, at home, and life in general.

Tony really connected with both the juniors as well as their parents as evidenced by the questions and interactions of both groups.

I would highly recommend Kingdom of the Tiger and a seminar by Tony to bring the thoughts and ideals to life in a real world setting.  Tony has an easy comfortable way about him and he winds his message around stories of several tour players as well as his own journey to awareness, which keeps his audience truly engaged.

It was a magical visit to the “Kingdom of the Tiger”.  Thank you Tony.

Paula Olsen, PGA

Director of Instruction

Tregnan Golf Academy


Tony, after receiving your book I read it from cover to cover.  I found myself saying, “That’s me”.  As you might have guessed, much of your findings hit a nerve.  I actually read several passages to my 17-year old daughter who was on her way to a track meet.  She had been struggling with ego and perfectionist issues.  Surprisingly, she listened patiently and had a breakthrough performance in all her events, high jump, long jump, 100m hurdles, and 200m relay.  I asked her if she used your techniques and general mind set and she said “Yes!!!”  Her new mantra is “Jump for Joy” instead of “I’d better not lose” or “What will people say, etc”.  My 13 year old daughter who competes in high-level junior events is also using the book with great success.  Thank you so much for your generous gift.

Anonymous mother


If you have a chance to hear Tony speak you will not be disappointed.  He has written an incredible book that should be in the library of all serious golfers.  I recommend it to all my students and to all the pros in the Southern California Section of the PGA.  Tony has conducted several workshops for our section, always receiving rave reviews.

Derek Hardy

Southern California PGA

Board of Directors


Tony knows more about the golf swing and can help players get the most of their game than any professional I’ve ever worked with.  In no time he had me playing better than I ever had in my life.  And I just love his new book, “Kingdom of the Tiger.

Travis Stewart

Tour Player


I’ve worked with Tony for a little over two years.  When I met Tony I was in jeopardy of losing my card, but within two weeks Tony had me playing so well that not only did I make the top 125 I finished 32nd in tour earnings.  The following year I was in the Top 30.

David Lundstrom

Senior Tour Player


Having attended Tony’s workshop, Combating Stress in the Workplace, I finally understood why my productivity decreased in times of stress and time constraint.  I also was able to develop sufficient tools that not only eliminated the destructive effects of stress on my productivity, but received tools that could improve my performance in good times by expanding my attentional capacities simply and quickly.  I highly recommend Tony’s seminars and workshops if you want to improve your productivity and success in the workplace.  I can also see how this same information and tools can apply to all areas of life.

Mary Kay Tillman

Dale Carnegie Corporation


I was referred to Tony from one of my employees who was already a client of his.  I contacted him because as Branch Manager of a major financial institution at this time, I have to report to management which is in fear of losing valuable customers and customers who are in fear of losing their savings.  This adds to the already stressful life I have been living for some time.  Within just a few short weeks I have learned the role of stress in my life, how it has affected me, and with the help of the tools Tony has provided me eliminated most of the destructive effects of stress in my life.  With Tony’s continued support I expect to be living Stress Free in just no time at all.

Christine Handley

Branch Manager – Wetherby

Barclay’s Bank


I was referred to Tony by Geoff Mangum of The Putting Zone.  I was travelling to the US from Australia to attempt to qualify for the US PGA.  I worked with Tony for only a month but learned valuable tools that have helped me deal more effectively with the pressures of professional competition.

Jinn Jeong

Note:  Jin recently won the 2010 British Amateur Championship, first Asian to do so, and finished 14th in the 2010 British Open as an amateur.


While in the 5th grade I had a math teacher that yelled at the class incessantly.  This constant stress made me dislike math and I developed a poor self-esteem in math that stayed with me until high school.  As a sophomore I began working with Dr. Piparo to help me with test anxiety in Algebra.  I could do the homework.  In just didn’t do very well on tests and was in jeopardy of failing.  In a short time I not only understood why I had problems in math but was able to overcome my test anxiety and improve not only my grades in Algebra but all of my subjects.  I never experienced test anxiety again.

Jennifer Cobb


I had been playing golf ever since I was about 6 years old and had been competing since I was 10.  I blew up every time I played poorly and lost control of my emotions.  I could not handle mistakes and didn’t know how to stop the poor play or get control of my emotions.  I worked with Tony for about a year while in high school.  In that time I gained control of my emotions, improved my play, and no longer let mistakes get the better of me.  I have since earned a spot on the UNC-Greensboro Golf team and am doing very well.

Robert Hoadley


After an injury I started playing very poorly as I was afraid that I would get hurt again and that would end my golfing career.  I worked with Tony for about 6 months and in that time I got over my fear and began playing the way I always knew I could.

Brian Thiebault

Professional golfer


As a junior golfer I would become very angry if I made a mistake or didn’t play to the level to which I knew I could.  I would throw clubs, shout, and be very moody on and off the golf course.  My parents threatened to take my clubs away and not let me play anymore.  I worked with Tony for several years on controlling my anger.  The tools he gave me not only helped my emotional behaviors they also did wonders for my play.  I began playing better than I ever had and only continued to improve.  Eventually I was offered a scholarship to play for UNC-Wilmington and have won some major collegiate and junior competitions.

Ryan Sullivan

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