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The Peak for Golf

The jungle is a hostile environment, even for such a formidable hunter like the tiger.  The tiger must not only possess great strength, speed, and agility, it must also be deaf and blind to everything except its prey.  Fortunately, the tiger is endowed with most of its physical and attentional abilities at birth.

The golf course is equally hostile.  Danger lurks around every corner.  Trees, bushes, ponds, lakes, streams, and sand bunkers landscape every golf course laying in wait for errant shots.  To maneuver their ball past, around, and over these many hazards, golfers must not only possess specialized physical skills, they must also be deaf and blind to everything except the task at hand.  Distraction, the wrong focus, or a lack of focus results in the same disastrous outcomes as lack of physical skill – skyrocketing scores.  Unfortunately we are not as lucky as the tiger.  We are not endowed the necessary physical and attentional gifts at birth.  They must be learned through specialized training.

Through The Peak for Golf you will learn to:

  • Focus and shut out distraction
  • Visualize and make more shots
  • Relax and eliminate stress and tension
  • Improve your physical practice
  • Play in The Zone

Quickly, Easily, and Consistently

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