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Scientists interested in extraordinary life experiences have studied the phenomenon known as The Zone for some time and have isolated a number of factors consistent with every phenomenal experience.  These factors remain the same whether one pursues these experiences through their careers, athletic endeavors, the arts, personal relationships, everyday living or more esoterically through one’s religious or spiritual convictions.

Dr. Mihaly Czikszentmihilyi, professor of Psychology at the University of Chicago and author of Flow:  The Psychology of Optimal Performance, is considered the foremost authority on peak performance and extraordinary human experiences.  He states that while you cannot force zone-like experiences, you can invite “Flow” by preparing for greater challenges, removing old distractions, and learning to focus.  He also states that “Flow” is the result of very specific, almost ritualistic routines that cause you to become oblivious to everything accept the task at hand.

Most people report having experienced “Flow” or “The Zone” or extraordinary human experience at least once in their life.  Unfortunately, for most people it occurs only by accident when we stumble into it and then is in a flash.  We then spend a life time searching for the secrets or keys that will help us live in this state again.

Through The Peak you will explore and be exposed to the keys that will allow you to access this state, almost at will so that you can achieve even your wildest dreams.  The keys that unlock this state of existence are simple and can be learned by nearly everyone, regardless of age, station in life, or area of endeavor.  However, just like anything important in life, developing these keys takes time, persistence, and practice.

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  1. You’ve got great insights about life experiences, keep up the good work!

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