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The Peak in School

Academic success includes the development of numerous skills and abilities in addition to knowing the material for any given subject.  These include managing time wisely, developing an effective system of organization for note taking, keeping track of assignments and other important papers, creating the proper study environment, knowing your particular learning style, visualizing and imaging success, developing an optimistic attitude, getting sufficient sleep, drinking enough water to curtail dehydration, eating properly, and developing proper study skills.

All of these topics will be addressed at The Peak, as well as, the main determinant of success: stress. As educational requirements get more stringent in all levels of education, students everywhere experience considerable school stress. Here are some student stress relief tips and tools that students can use to learn study skills, prepare for exams and minimize their school stress levels to make learning easier, including an explanation of the importance of student stress management, and resources to help you reduce the school stress you experience.

Seventy percent of teens report experiencing moderate to severe stress on a daily basis.  Some causes of teen stress are: school work load, poor self image, problems with friends, peer pressure, not fitting in, parents divorcing, death of a loved one, moving or changing schools, taking on too many activities at once, problems at home, and feeling lonely.  Consequences of teen stress include, substance abuse, depression, low-self-esteem, suicide, eating disorder, and test anxiety.

Students and parents will be provided with information and strategies for developing the skills necessary for success in school.  They will also learn how to eliminate the destructive effects of stress on their happiness, self-concept, productivity and success now and in the future

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