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The Peak Services

Private Consultations:   $75.00/Hour (In-person, phone, Internet)

6 hours ($65.00/Hour) Paid in advance

10 Hours ($50.00/Hour) Paid in advance

Banquet Speaking

Full and half-day training for your group or company (call for details)

Webinars:  See Calendar for schedule and prices

Teleconferences:  See Calendar for schedule and prices

Workshops:  See Calendar for schedule and prices

Workshop Topics:

Secrets of a Stress Free Life

Creating Abundance in Times of Stress

Overcoming Test Anxiety

Overcoming Performance Anxiety (Sport)

Overcoming Workplace Stress

Overcoming Performance Anxiety (Performing Arts)

Power of the Tiger (Golf)

Playing in The Zone (Golf)

Playing in The Zone (Sport)

Peak Performance in Business

Peak Performance in School

Peak Performance in Life

Transform Your Life with Dynamic Meditation

(GADD) Golfers Attention Deficit Disorder

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