Seven Keys to Successful Living: Second Key – Self-Mastery

30 Jan 2011 by Anthony J Piparo, 2 Comments »

Most people go through life with very little impact on their environment (at least in a way that is conducive to success, happiness, and prosperity).  In fact, most of us allow our histories, early childhood conditioning, and life experiences to control our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, actions, emotions, feelings, expectations and reactions to desirable and undesirable situations (i.e. “He drove me nuts”, “She broke my heart”, “That makes me happy”).  Self-mastery, the second key to a successful life is about controlling our internal realities.  Only through Self-mastery can we begin to influence our external world in a way that we live the kind of life that most people only dream of in a world that supports our deepest wishes.

Controlling your thoughts is the first step in the Self-mastery process.  As Norman Vincent Peale states, “People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success.” Hopefully you are using the techniques offered in previous posts to assist in your process of mind (thought) control. In addition to mastering our thoughts we must also become masters of our beliefs, attitudes, expectations, behaviors, expectations, feelings, emotions, and reactions to wanted and unwanted outcomes, events, and self-image.

There is a dynamic and fluid relationship between our thoughts and each of these other internal experiences.  That is, our thoughts affect our emotions, behaviors, etc. and each of these affect our thoughts.  In fact, each of these internal experiences affects and is affected by all of our internal experiences.  The good news about that is, mastering one internal experience helps us master other internal experiences.

Over the next several posts we will explore each of our internal experiences, their impact on our other internal experiences and how they affect our external environment.  Until next time, breathe, smile, and remember, “You are loved.”


  1. Debbie says:

    Self mastery, I think, is a life long process – at least it is for me! It is the beginning of transforming your life and is so important. We cannot control anything in the world but ourselves…and that is hard enough!
    Debbie recently posted..Up in Smoke

  2. Tony says:

    Self-mastery is about constantly being diligent in discovering who you are at any moment and the willingness to adapt or discard old behaviors and beliefs that no longer work for new ones that fit who you are NOW. yes it is a life-long process, but it doesn;t have to be hard. You could always choose for it to be fun. Just remember back to being a child. How much fun was it to learn new things, try them out, and then moving on to the next thing. Transformation is always what you make of it. Thanks for commenting.

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