Your Courtesy Wake-up Call

22 Mar 2011 by Anthony J Piparo, 13 Comments »

Imagine you are startled out of a sound sleep by the most annoying, shrieking alarm you’ve ever heard.  You hit the snooze button but the shrieking continues, even louder than before.  So you hit the off button, but still it rings.  You have to get up, yank the cord out of the electrical socket and throw the alarm against the wall.  Got the picture?  Well that’s how most of us are awakened out of the dream state that we call life.  We go through most of our day on autopilot.  Very rarely are our thoughts on the task before us. Not until something goes haywire to get our attention like that annoying shrieking alarm do we realize that we’ve been asleep.

We remember the past and project into the future.  The only thoughts we have about the present are in terms of what we did or didn’t do in the past, what we should have done, the consequences of mistakes we’ve made, how it will affect our future, what we wished we would have done, or how we would like the future to turn out.  The daily grind gets boring so we fantasize about the vacation we’re going to take six months from now.  We watch a lot of television or play video games. We gossip. 

And then life takes a turn for the worse.  Our world turns upside down calling into question all of our beliefs, hopes, and expectations.  We don’t get the raise we’d hoped for or worse yet, we lose our job.  We lose our house or at least are in fear of losing it.  Someone we trusted and relied upon abandons or cheats on us.  We don’t get the respect and admiration we feel we deserve.  All we do is complain about our present situation.  Our pain turns to suffering.  We become frustrated, sad, depressed, angry, disenfranchised with life.  Our nerves are frazzled.  We pray for an end to our misery with no resolution.  Our suffering intensifies.  We ask God, what did I do to deserve this? What did I do wrong?  Why are you punishing me like this?  We sink deep into what’s referred to as a dark night of the soul.

Well, at least that was my experience.  Only when I realized that I had placed all of my hopes, dreams, and expectations in a world that can only offer me change, uncertainty, and a pendulum that swings between good and bad, happiness and sadness did I begin to understand why I suffered.  Only when I realized that my emotional attachments (addictions really) to people, things, and expected outcomes revealed that I had given away my power.  I made others and external experiences responsible for happiness, sadness, and sense of self.   When I realize that I had the power to choose happiness regardless of my situation and that I am loved no matter what, did the light bulb go off as well as that annoying alarm clock ringing in my head.  At that moment I knew I never had to suffer and that I had the power and the strength to live through anything, even being homeless three times, the loss of the love of my life more than once, and an illness that could have ended my life. 

Are you living life unconsciously?  Do you go through your day on autopilot rarely focusing on the task before you?  Do you watch a lot of TV or play video games till late in the night?  Do you think about the past or the future because you’re bored with or regret your present situation?  If your world hasn’t turned completely upside down than consider this your courtesy wake-up call.  Don’t wait until that crazy clock starts shrieking in your ear and nothing you do turns it off.  Wake up.  Take your power back.  Choose happiness and don’t let others and external experiences control your state of being.  There are a lot of techniques that you can use to help wake you up gently, some of which you will find in previous posts here at The Peak.


  1. How true. As a pilot, I don’t like to utilize auto-pilot that much unless flying a long trip. But some pilots activate it the moment wheels go up and then don’t turn it off until almost landing, even if only flying a 20 minute trip.

    Truth is, using auto-pilot just doesn’t give you a lot of experience in flying. I guess that means, when you live on auto-pilot, you don’t get a lot of experience living.

    Nice post.
    Christopher Laney recently posted..The Downside of Deadlines

  2. Susan Davis says:

    I had that kind of experience when I did the Landmark Forum. I finally realized all of my upsets were unfullfilled expectations. That I can actually create my own life experience, and in fact do and did even though I didn`t realize it, simply due to my choices. Even though I have this knowledge, it does me NO GOOD unless I put it to use daily. And we also need to surround ourselves with people who support what we are up to! So thanks for my wake up call reminder! I appreciate you!

  3. Your before sounds very familiar to me also. Usually, the wake up call comes in a not so pleasant package as mine did. It took something literally life altering…a brain injury…for me to wake up. I could not go back to being and doing as I did before. Thank goodness, because I would have.

    However hard it was, I am so grateful for it. It has truly been a blessing in disguise. I am so much happier and awake now!
    Debbie Hampton recently posted..The Wolves Within

  4. ElizabethCrux says:

    I really hate putting and the rings of the alarm clock ahaha I know it is crazy but I really hate waking up in early morn and you are being disturbed by this annoying clock’s alarm.
    ElizabethCrux recently posted..Buy Forex

  5. Hey Anthony,
    I have spent part of my life unconsciously but after experiencing several unfortunate circumstances that could have been prevented, I have learned to consciously live.

    I remember finding school and most jobs to be mind numbing causing me to fall into auto-pilot mode.
    Justin | Mazzastick recently posted..The Ego Mind And The Higher Mind

  6. Jeff says:

    It’s so tough to be open minded and positive in our work as well as to have faith in it. You will not be able to get a push from someone else until and unless your work engine is ready to run and that’s also in a good and healthy condition. Anyway it’s so nice to go through a inspiring content. Thanks
    Jeff recently posted..How do i win the lottery?

  7. Mike Huiwitz says:

    Oh God this is so spot on. Made me reconsider the direction of my life.

  8. My wake up call comes in the form of my mum. So grateful for her in my life.

  9. Dawn Grant says:

    This sounds very familiar. Normally, the wake up call is not so pleasant for me to wake up. I could not go back to being and doing as I did before. I am so grateful for it. It is good to have a wake up call. Now, I am so happy. 🙂

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  11. Jimmy Muller says:

    Thanks for sharing such a nice piece of information with us. Wake up call is very important is everyone’s life. My wake up call comes in the form of my mum.

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